Where Are They Now?


Where Are They Now?

Through this work I am navigating obsession, survivorship, respectable healing, social media, reliving of trauma, and control. The Boy and Man whose internet presence I search out, are people who have caused me significant trauma in my life. I found public pictures of them and impulsively started documenting where they are now – years after the trauma. This boy and man are human beings, who are not in fact bad cartoon villains and, by most standards, “good people” but they are still at the center of a trauma that has shaped my life. Painting on top of their images allows me to imagine their story as real people, creating a fiction that has some history in reality. Lastly, and probably most importantly, it is me invading their space. I’m taking images from a public place and taking control of it in an obsessive way – one that is not a respectable form of survival or healing.

I’ve also requested an interview with each of them here.